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Is Facial Rejuvenation Right For Me

Is Facial Rejuvenation Right For Me?

Facial rejuvenation tends to be an umbrella term for Botulinum toxin treatments (Botox) and dermal filler treatments. Facial rejuvenation reduces the visible signs of ageing and enhances areas of the face like the cheekbones and lips. Both Botox and fillers feature in the top five most popular non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures performed worldwide. If …

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How Diet Affects Beauty

How Diet Affects Beauty

You’ve probably heard that your diet affects the health of your skin, but you may not be sure of why or how. Knowing how diet affects the skin, will help you decide which foods to eat to help your skin and which foods to avoid. Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels Skin And Diet While …

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