How to Avoid Bruises after Injectable Treatments

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You have decided to treat yourself to a rejuvenating Wrinkle Reducing or Dermal Filler injectable treatment. You want a refreshing and natural result with minimal downtime. However, you are concerned about bruises from the injectable treatments, right?

You are not alone. Many patients worry about the risk of bruising after cosmetic treatments, so Dr Sian Aesthetics offers a few tips on what you can do to minimize the risk.

  • Use a good sunscreen
    Excessive exposure to the sun decreases collagen and elastin in skin. Skin becomes less supple and less likely to recover quickly post procedure. Bruising may, thus, be more pronounced and prolonged in sun-damaged skin.

  • Avoid taking any non-essential products that might thin the blood during the days before the appointment
    There is a long list of supplements that fall into this category, but some of the most common are garlic tablets, vitamin E supplements, fish oil supplements and alcohol. Lay off the wine the night before the treatment. You want neither a hangover nor a bruise!

  • Apply a cold pack wrapped in a clean cloth to the treatment area before the injection
    Cold constricts the blood vessels, which makes them less likely to be punctured by the needle. The cold also desensitises the area, giving the added benefit of some pain relief.
At Dr Sian Aesthetics, we only use blunt-tipped cannulas and very small needles to further mitigate the risk of bruising. Despite these measures, some small risk will always remain. However, bruising – when it occurs- will only last a few days, while the cosmetic results will last a lot longer!