A Pathway to Luscious Lips

If you want to perfect your pout, then consider our pathway to luscious lips. We have created a handy guide that will help you achieve the most kissable lips at all times, as well as helping you to maintain a beautiful smile.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels


Sipping on water throughout the day will keep your lips in the best possible condition. The more hydrated you are, the plumper your lips will be. However, if you fail to hydrate properly and regularly, then you can expect to suffer from dry and chapped lips that will break easily and feel painful.

No Licking

Licking your lips is one of the worst habits when it comes to lip health. Every time you lick, you damage the natural barrier that protects them. This results in dried out and painful lips, which are difficult to restore. If you have dry lips, try putting a balm on them instead to help rehydrate them and stop you from licking.


As with anything in life, protection is better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to lip health. If you are planning a trip that will expose your lips to a range of temperatures, you will need to take a balm with you to maintain their health. Lips are particularly susceptible to the cold and also to sunburn, so it is imperative that you use an SPF friendly balm, even on cloudy days.


If you want to give the illusion of plumper lips, then you can use a lip liner that is very slightly darker than the colour of the lipstick that you are going to use. This will help to add dimension to the colour and give the impression they are plump. You can also add a top coat of gloss to really make them pop.


Many of us have naturally small lips, and this can result in them looking unappealing. If you want to get a semi-permanent fix for this, then you can consider lip fillers that will help to add plumpness to your lips and make them seriously kissable. However, it is important that you use a registered clinic for this treatment to ensure your safety.


Good oral hygiene is also an important component of a beautiful smile. Remember to brush twice daily and use interdental brushes or flossing to remove plaque build-up between teeth. Regular visits to a dentist are also highly recommended.