Skincare for Men

People often fail to recognise that men also need to implement a skincare regime in order to look their best. Consequently, there is little advice out there for men to use other than online threads and product boxes in the local supermarket.

Read our quick guide to maintaining a healthy skincare routine and notice the difference it makes within weeks.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Cleanse & Tone

The first part of any skincare regime is to ensure you are clean! Gently cleansing and toning your skin will remove all the build-up from the day and give you a blank canvas to work from.

Make sure you choose a cleanser and toner that match your skin type; if you are unsure, then head over to your local beauty counter and ask for some advice.


When you have completed the cleaning part of your routine, it is then important to moisturise your skin. The routine of daily life can be drying to your skin, and it needs to have the moisture put back in for you to retain your youthful good looks. Avoid heavy moisturisers on your face that will clog up your pores.


It’s important to remember that your eyes need your attention too! Using a specific eye cream is best, as the skin around your eyes is much thinner than on the rest of your face. Any decent eye cream will help to reduce the appearance of bags and can play a part in reducing your risk of getting premature wrinkles.


It's easy to forget the need to apply sunscreen when it is not a sunny day, but the sun's rays still get through and can affect your complexion. By applying an SPF moisturiser every morning, you will be able to protect your skin from damage that threatens to age you prematurely.

Expert Advice

It’s always sensible to consult an expert if you have any questions or concerns about your skin.

There are so many treatments available to help you keep your skin in the best condition that it makes sense to book an appointment to discuss your needs.