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Male Aesthetic Treatments Are On The Rise

The advent of social media, internet imaging and video sharing coupled with reality TV shows has led to the promotion of global beauty standards for both sexes. It should come as no surprise then to find more men than ever opting to invest in male grooming, cosmetics and aesthetics.

The Many Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments Available For Men

There has been a significant rise in the number of men having non-surgical, aesthetic treatments over the last decade. Just under 10% of all cosmetic procedures completed in 2015 were on men – three times the amount completed on men in 1997. And the majority of cosmetic procedures completed were non-surgical enhancements, such as Botulinum toxin treatments (Botox) and soft tissue filler treatments.

Male Aesthetic Treatments Are On The Rise
Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

The Many Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments Available For Men

Aesthetic clinics offer many treatments designed to cater for the needs of the modern man. From microdermabrasion to injectables and dental enhancement, there’s an entire world of effective grooming that men these days can invest in. Botox, nicknamed ‘Brotox’ is particularly popular with the modern man. This is thought to be as a result of men’s wrinkles and laughter lines being more defined than women’s.

Why Are More Men Than Ever Getting Non-surgical Enhancement?

The reason more men than ever are getting non-surgical enhancement is likely to be because of a combination of factors. There is a definite influence from social media across the board, with 1 in 3 men admitting to feeling pressured to look perfect on their social media accounts. There is also the fact that non-surgical treatments are much more accessible financially than their surgical counterparts. In addition, non-surgical treatments enable busy men, desiring a subtle effect, to rejuvenate and replenish youthful looks with little downtime.

The Future Of Male Grooming

The trends suggest that the pressure on men to put greater effort into their looks will continue to grow, as social media grows and the traditional image of a man changes. There is no question that a man should be able to enhance his looks as much as he wants to, and there is no doubt that there are more and more cosmetic clinics hoping to cater for those growing needs. With such huge changes in the male aesthetics scene in just 10 years, who can imagine what’s in store for the future of male grooming?

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