Top Tips for Looking Fresh Faced Every Day

Is your skin looking dull and tired, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t be put off by the conflicting advice out there. Follow our tips to freshen up your skin and keep it that way every day!

Top Tips for Looking Fresh Faced Every Day
Photo by Breaking Pic from Pexels

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

It’s true that the tried and tested tricks are the best, and whilst the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine has been around for decades there is a clear reason for it – because it works.

Cleansing your skin to rid it of the day’s impurities helps to keep your skin looking fresh and clear, as well as clean!

Toning is equally as important as it removes traces of dirt and oil, as well as any bits the cleanser may have missed, before it closes your pores to help keep breakouts at bay.

Moisturising is key as it not only helps you to maintain that fresh-faced look but also rejuvenates your skin to keep it young and healthy.

Superfood Snacking

We all enjoy a sneaky treat or two, but too much can make your skin look dull and grey. Opt for scrumptious superfood options instead and save those naughty treats for special occasions.

Foods such as eggs and avocados make for a great breakfast or lunch; with nuts and seeds packed for snacks you will soon see the pay off in your skin. Dinners with a rainbow of veg and some salmon will give you the boost you need for your skin to repair overnight.

Find it hard to pack the good stuff in? Scientifically, a habit is formed after two weeks of sticking to it – two weeks of effort may soon convert you into a superfood lover!


Put down the soft drinks and that week-night bottle of wine and pick up water instead. Water is important for regeneration and repair of skin. Hydrating your body will also make your skin look fresh and clear and help keep you in top shape.

WE have all heard of the many benefits of water, so start drinking it now and watch it change your appearance!