The Best Non-Surgical Procedures to Get You Christmas Party Ready

Christmas preparations are well underway, but are you guilty of forgetting to look after yourself in the winter months? This year why don’t you treat yourself to a non-surgical treatment or two, so that you look great for all your Christmas events. Here are our top 4 recommendations:

The Best Non-Surgical Procedures to Get You Christmas Party Ready
Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

Lip Fillers

Are you hoping for that special kiss under the mistletoe this year? Make sure your lips are ready with lip contouring and plumping treatments.

Creating the perfect pout is easier than ever with the range of lip fillers on the market today. The best bit is that there is minimal recovery time required. Have them done a few days before the party of the season and get ready for all the kisses that will come your way!

Wrinkle Reducing Injections

Want to look great in all the festive photos? Why not consider softening those annoying crow’s feet around your eyes or removing the frown lines that spoil a good selfie? Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection is a quick procedure, with minimal discomfort, that will knock years off your image! It doesn’t need any anaesthetic and the effects should become apparent after a week.

Try to get yourself booked in at least 2 weeks before your first Christmas party, then sit back and enjoy all the envious looks from your friends!

Laser Hair Removal

It’s a great time to get that unwanted hair removed as you shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight after laser hair removal.

Your practitioner will use a laser to damage the hair follicles. It causes minimal pain and can take a few sessions to work, but will ultimately save you time that is better spent picking out your festive outfit!


This treatment has been around for some time and is a great choice this festive season. The therapist will use a tool to insert incredibly fine needles into your skin. This stimulates an increase in the levels of elastin and collagen, leaving your skin looking radiant, plumped and Christmas party ready!

Whichever non-surgical treatment you decide on this festive season, make sure the person providing the treatment is qualified and has the relevant experience. And remember, a consultation is very important to help determine your suitability for treatment. Any reputable practitioner will insist on a pre-treatment consultation to ensure it is safe for you to proceed.