How Cheek and Chin Fillers Can Make You Look Younger

Ageing is one of life's realities, and none of us can escape it.

The ageing process leads to our faces becoming lined, losing volume and succumbing to the pull of gravity. The ageing face appears shrunken, flat and hollow.

Choosing to have cheek and chin fillers can help you to slow down that process significantly and restore your youthful proportions. It is a simple procedure that will have you back to daily life in no time at all.

Thinning and Sagging Faces

When we are younger, the widest part of our face is the cheek area but this changes to the jawline as we get older. This is because our cheek tissue prolapses with loss of connective tissue support and laxity of facial ligaments. Combating this problem will restore your youth and make you look years younger than you actually are.

If you have begun to notice your face starting to sag, then it’s a good time to look for a way to plump your cheeks up and reduce the creases you have noticed in your chin area.

Why Cheek and Chin Fillers Are the Best Choice

Cheek augmentation works by restoring projection and promoting lift. Chin augmentation sculpts the jawline and corrects and smooths the appearance of jowls.

The great thing about cheek and chin fillers is that they are injectable, safe and give immediate results. They’re also temporary, lasting around twelve months after each treatment. The reason this is good is that new fillers can be injected to reflect your natural ageing process, leaving you with a natural look every time.

Combine Your Cheek and Chin Fillers with Other Procedures

While cheek and chin enhancement can restore balance in the mid and lower face, they do not address the upper face or volume loss around the mouth. That is why you should consider these treatments with other aesthetic procedures:

The combination of softened wrinkles, sculpted jawline, plump lips and prominent cheekbones restores symmetry, youth and beauty to the male and female face.

Contact us today to arrange a session and look forward to looking younger than ever.

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